PT. Anggada Duta Wisesa (ADW) built the iProc 2 Go application as a system support application procurement provided by PT. Anggada Duta Wisesa (ADW) based on an agreed agreement legally. To ensure your personal data always protected when you access / use the features of the iProc 2 Go application, we have set it through this privacy policy

Acquisition or Collection of Personal Data

  • When you access / use the features of the iProc 2 Go application and the system procurement described above, you directly or indirectly have provided personal data to us. We collect your personal data in the following ways

    1. When you / your co-workers you have given permission for your personal data covers name, NIK, email, telephone and other information that have been agreed to be registered into the procurement system in order to own the account used to access the iProc 2 Go application and the procurement system
    2. Transaction data that has been entered into the iProc 2 Go application / procurement system
    3. Files in the form of photos, documents or others that you have uploaded through the features iProc app 2 Go / procurement system
    4. The results of the QR scan that you did through the domain scan feature on the iProc 2 Go applicatio
    5. Record time, IP, Device on every activity you do on the app iProc 2 Go
  • You hereby represent and warrant that the Personal Data that you enter into your iProc 2 Go application / procurement system is that your Personal Data is true, accurate, and based on circumstances the truth, and you are fully responsible for such Personal Data and You have full authority and/or personal right to submit Personal Data to We, including releasing us from all civil lawsuits or criminal charges that arise of misleading information in connection with the Personal Data that you enter into Platforms and/or Features.
  • We reserve the right from time to time to request authentication, verification and/or updates Your Personal Data, so that your data and information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, including temporarily/permanently suspending or not allowing you to access Optimally certain features in case you haven't authenticated and upgraded data your personal.
  • By continuing to access the Platform, use our Features and/or other services, You hereby give clear and unequivocal consent to us to obtain and collect your Personal Data as described above

Use of Personal Data

  • Personal data that we have collected and obtained will be used by us entirely for the benefit of You and Us in accordance with this Policy and the Laws Valid in Indonesia. We may use the Personal Data for, among other things
    1. Processing personal data for your needs in accessing/using the features of iProc 2 Go application / procurement system
    2. Presenting transaction data information to users in the same procurement system according to data access policy agreed upon

Contact Us

  • You can submit questions, criticisms and suggestions, complaints, or complaints regarding with Personal Data via e-mail or telephone to +62 812-8165-3881 or +62 878-8065-2901.

Last updated: January 10, 2022


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